Disrespect for heroes

I’m 18 years old now and for the last year I’ve begun to be interested in more sophisticated topics like equality of men and women, racism ect. And I’ve recently started noticing more posts on social media like Instagram, which show mens complete disrespect for women. I don’t know if there really became more of these kind of posts or I just didn’t use to see them through the childhood veil.

One of the most recent “memes” I have seen on this topic sounds somewhat like “If a woman says that giving birth is hard, thеn she doesn’t know how it is to scratch your testicles through your jeans pockets without anyone noticing“. Now, for everyone who would say “Oh girl, you’re overreacting, it’s just a joke“, I know, it’s a simple jest but it really was the last drop for my temper to end. To be honest, it’s really hard for me to pick the right words right now, because I am extremely angry. The man, who created that meme is being overwhelmingly disrespectful to all women, including his own mother, who risk their lives to give birth to a baby. You’d say “But you don’t have to give birth, nobody’s forcing you” and you may be partially right. Yes, a woman has a choice, whether to deliver a baby, or not. But I believe that for most women, including me, having children is the most happiness they could ever want. Think of it, if your mother had refused to have a child, you wouldn’t be able to scratch your testicles right now — you wouldn’t exist at all. There were a lot of comments under that post claiming : “A man will go through the same pain, if you punch him in his willy“. Well, first of all, these two kinds of pain are incomparable, because one can last for more than twenty-four hours, and the other one is just for a few minutes. Second of all, women die in labour and it happens far more often, than you imagine. I’ve never heard a guy die after being punched in his nuts.

The other type of comments I’ve seen there stated : “Without men there would be no posterity at all“. I agree, that men play a vital role in the process of conceiving a child, but the real power of whether to, so to say, continue the mankind, and the real responsibility lies in the hands of women. Why? Because, obviously, before giving birth, a child must be carried by his mother for 9 months, and during that time, any wrong deed can lead to a disaster. And let’s not forget that even when already carrying a child women have a choice of whether to keep it or to have an abortion.

The women, who are brave enough to go through all the pain and risk their lives to give birth to another human being are heroic, and men should understand that. Conceiving a baby is quite a pleasant process for men ’cause all they have to do is to come (sorry for this straightforwardness). They don’t have to experience all the intoxication, the contractions (which, as some studies have shown, are equal to the pain you get, if you break 24 bones at once) and they don’t put their lives at a risk.

The reason why I am so sensitive about this topic is because my mom had to risk her life by getting me pulled out of her belly surgically for me to breathe.

I praise my mom and I praise every woman, who had the courage to deliver a baby and to go through hell in order to let another human see this world.

P.s. Sorry for this mess, I’m just happy that I shared my point of view.


All The Bright Places

This book is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t put it down, like literally. I’ve read it in 4 days which totally doesn’t seem like me ’cause usually I spend not less than a week to read a book.

This book really changed me and my attitude to life. Finch is literally my soul mate. Not that I want to commit a suicide but I really liked him as a character. As the matter of fact, I didn’t really like Violet for some reason although I understood her.

I don’t think that I’ll re-read this book ’cause I won’t be able to handle those emotions again. But the book is brilliant. 100🌟/10🌟